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   5 CONJUNTOS STAHL paper folding machine
   1 CONJUNTO 3-Knife trimmer
   1 CONJUNTO Muller Martini Semi-Auto Sewing Machine
   1 CONJUNTO KOLBUS Nipping Machine Model FN
   1 CONJUNTO Hunkeler Tipping Machine Model VEA400
   1 CONJUNTO KOLBUS Case-Maker Mobel DA-36
   1 CONJUNTO Rotary Board Cutter Model SC117
   1 CONJUNTO Nipping Machine Model SC 125
   10 CONJUNTOS Hot Stamping Machine
   3 CONJUNTOS Envelope Making machine
   1 CONJUNTO MARTINI perfect binder (12 station and one cover feeder)
   1 CONJUNTO KOLBUS Book Block Gluing And Drying Machine Model RB
   1 CONJUNTO Muller Martini Gathering Machine Model 201 With 15 Stations
   1 CONJUNTO Muller Martini Automatic Sewing Machine Model 3210 With Feeder 3663
   1 CONJUNTO STAHL saddle stitched (six station and one cover feeder
          with 3-knife trimmer)
   1 CONJUNTO KOLBUS book Casing-In Line Model BF-40 With
          Forming Machine Model FE
Processing Department
Printing Department
Book Binding Department
Coating & Laminating Department
Die Cutting Department
Gluing Department
QC Test Centre